400 Arab3meyeh is a trick taking card game played in 2 teams of 2. The goal of the game is to be the first player to reach 41 or more points, while your partner, the player opposite you, is not on negative points. Your goal is to accumulate 41 points or more, before the other players. Points are gained by winning atleast the number of tricks bet in each hand, where each trick that is bet is worth one point.

  • Bidding :

    The player to the dealer's right starts the bidding, deciding how many tricks they think they're able to win. Once bidding has been decided, that decision is final. Every player must make a minimum bid of two, regardless if the player can or cannot win two tricks. When a player's point total is 30-39, their minimum bid becomes three, if they reach 40 points their minimum bid becomes 4, and so on.

    If the total sum of all bids is under 11, the hand will be re-dealt. This should occur, the deal automatically goes to the original dealer's right and a new hand will begin. This process is repeated until the total amount of bids is equal to, or greater than 11, however if any of the players score is 30-39, the total will be 12 and if the score is 40-49, the total score must equal 13 and so on.

  • Game Play :

    The player on the dealer's right makes the opening lead, and players must follow the suit played, if possible. If a player cannot follow the suit played, they may play any card. If the player plays a heart they win that hand as hearts trump anything, no matter what the value, unless someone plays a heart of a higher value over them. The player that wins the last trick by playing the highest value card leads next.

    Each player receives one point for each trick they win; that they bet up to. For example, if a player wins 4 tricks but only bet to win 3, they only gain 3 points, or if they only win 2 tricks they'll loose 3 points; as you loose points for not winning what you bet. Bidding for higher amount of tricks results in a higher value of points.

  • Scoring :

    The general points system is as follows, this changes when players reach 30points or more.

    Players BID Value in Points
    2 Tricks 2 Points
    3 Tricks 3 Points
    4 Tricks 4 Points
    5 Tricks 10 Points
    6 Tricks 12 Points
    7 Tricks 14 Points
    Players BID Value in Points
    8 Tricks 16 Points
    9 Tricks 27 Points
    10 Tricks 40 Points
    11 Tricks 44 Points
    12 Tricks 48 Points
    13 Tricks 52 Points

    Once a player reaches 30 points or more, 5 tricks are counted as 5, 6 tricks as six however 7 tricks or more are still multiplied. Once a player of the team reaches or exceeds 41 points, the game is won, as long as their partner's points are 1 or more. If they are on less than 1, play must continue until the player is positive, or if the other team reaches 41 before the former.

    If two opponents reach or surpass the score of 41 at the same time, then the game should continue to a score of 51 or until one of them drops below 41.